Nagai Park

Walking & jogging WOLKING & JOGGING

It is walking & jogging on the long-distance course
Figure of walking and jogging people is frequent in Nagai Park from early morning while there being the long-distance course going around the garden, and being surrounded by rich green.
It becomes distance (42.195km) same as full marathon when we do 15 laps, and it is used by various runners such as training of long-distance running or light jogging.
As light is installed along the course, the use from evening to night is possible, too.
We are out of the long-distance course, and walks such as a certain alley and Kyodo no Mori, botanical garden are most suitable for light exercise in forest, too.
Let's enjoy walking and jogging while seeing spring cherry blossoms, the fresh green of early summer, autumn colored leaves and scenery of seasonal nature.
It is ear round course for person who wants to walk more

Historic spot and association of walking authorization ear round walking course (distance 12km course, distance 18km course) offering green in Japan are at start point in Nagai Park. Depending on distance and the number of times that walked, certificate and Gift are given from association of Japan walking.

In detail

In going and returning of company and school

Locker & shower in Nagai training center is available when we enroll in Nagai runners club.
We sweat and drain in shower for mind clearly, and body is no good, too. We can enjoy jogging for company and school return comfortably casually.

In detail

We make health by slow jogging

In Nagai Park, we hold "slow jogging classroom in Nagai botanical garden" regularly.

In detail

Nagai Park ear round walking course

Do you know that there is ear round walking course (2 courses) in Nagai Park?
It is walking course intended that we can walk by "security" "happily" to be able to enjoy "walking" in anyone voluntarily anytime through the year.
There are 2 courses of north, south, east and west tour course (distance 18km) offering green from Nagai Park around visiting historic spot, cultural assets, ancient shrines and temples course (distance 12km) and Nagai Park of Hiranogos.
Please challenge historic spot and Japan Walking Association authorization course offering green!

About 12km course

It is visiting historic spot, cultural assets, ancient shrines and temples course of Hiranogos from Nagai Park

All Nagai park center - Takaai Shrine - Yusato Sumiyoshi Shrine - shield original Shinto shrine - nyoganji ... interest temple - Kumata Shinto shrine - Kumata park - chanting a prayer loudly to Amitabha temple - Imagawa city park - Nagai park centers

Ear round 12km (PDF) is this

Entering ear round 12km photograph (PDF) is this

About 18km course

It is north, south, east and west tour course offering green around Nagai Park

Murmuring ... Abiko Kanonji - Nagai park center of Nagai park center - Imagawa city park - peach ka pond Park - St. Tenyama park - Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine - forever pond park - Hosoe river

Ear round 18km (PDF) is this

Entering ear round 18km photograph (PDF) is this

Reception desk procedure of ear round (all year) walking course

Reception desk method

Please register in Nagai Park, Nagai park center (the information center of flower and green and nature) with start, finish.

The details about place are this

Time in

But from 9:30 please make a goal by all means by 17:00.

※To where walking is hoped for early in the morning before 9:00
You have stub in the post installed in the gate, and, after filling out the requirements, please start. Please register in Nagai park center in finish after 9:00.
You submit stub, and please pay course fee. We will seal with authorized seal.

Base establishment day

New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 4) are excluded every day

Course fee

200 yen (including injury premium)
※Please pay in reception desk and hand map. We push stamp of authorization in finish.

It is recommended that throw jogs on the Nagai Park long distance course. Do you not move body in park while feeling season while it was surrounded by green under the large sky?
In Nagai Park, we hold "slow jogging classroom in Nagai botanical garden" regularly.
We will tell about holding information at event of Nagai Park homepage.

We hold slow jogging lesson in Yahataya Park. You can see holding information on the "making of health from from Osaka, park" homepage.

What is slow jogging? We say jogging that there is little load to run with the speed that can talk along with walking person slowly with throw jogging.
As even elderly person and person with a little exercise experience, person lacking physical strength are not hot, we can continue without unreasonableness. We can make exercise custom, and physical strength is paid, and it becomes healthy, and vitality is provided in life. Slow jogging loses weight, and metabolic measures, basic physical strength up, brain and body including the dementia prevention are spirit ninaruiikotozukumeno exercise.

Please see homepage of association of slow jogging in Japan about slow jogging in detail.

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