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5 stories above the ground, big stadium of 50,000 accommodation
In the best species authorized land sports stadium in Japan Association of Athletic Federations, it is team's home field of football teams Cerezo Osaka.
We can look around roof of curve to cover over head of the stands of 50,000 seating capacity at 5-story-above-the-ground stadium without field and truck being shut out with structure not to need pillar supporting that by all seats.
Qualifier several games were held by FIFA World Cup in 2002 and become venue of Osaka international women marathon in usual, and it is famous for much international games even to be used. In addition, concerts are used in every use.

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Facilities summary

The audience seating capacity 47,816 people
Night game facilities We are unified on arch ground roof and construct
The seeing and hearing device Electric signboard (the north side side stands)
Large image system (the south side side stands)
Truck The 400m X 9 lane (all weather type urethane pavement)/International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) CLASS1 certification
Field 107m *71m (nature turf pavement)
Sporting house Administration Office, training center, meeting room, locker room, shower room, indoor practice field, sports synthesis information center, central monitoring room
Facilities (restroom, stand) for the audience
Use hotel (100 accommodation)
Royal suite
Studio, large picture room, electroluminescence display board operation room, sound, direction lighting operation room, photo finish room
Event Track and field, soccer, rugby football, American football

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About naming rights


About naming rights of Nagai track and field sports stadium, contract is concluded with Osaka-shi and Yanmar Co., Ltd. and, for five years from March 1, 2014, will run Nagai track and field sports stadium by nickname of "Yanmar stadium Nagai".

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