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For the incandescence live concert of popular artist
It is most suitable as concert of popular artist and live venue. Enjoy, and 5 stories above the ground, sound only in big stadium of 50,000 accommodation and various direction seem to be able to see enthusiasm of odiensu.

  • ・Mr. Children (2007/2011/2015)
  • ・a-nation (2009-2013/2015)
  • ・EXILE (2010)
  • ・Kobukuro (2010)
  • ・GLAY (2012)
  • ・Kanjani Eight (2012/2014 year)
  • ・Masaharu Fukuyama (2015)
  • ・BIGBANG (2016)


Correspondence complete for international game of sports
It is all weather type first kind official recognition track and field sports stadium proud of truck of 400m X 9 lane, natural turf field. We are fully equipped with two large screen, night game lights which made full use of state-of-the-art and are playing an active part as the stage of international game of track and field and soccer.

  • ・Osaka international women marathon (1982 ...)
  • ・Track-and-field championship (1996, 2007, 2012) in Japan
  • ・Nami already the national polity (1997)
  • ・IAAF Grand Prix Osaka Games (1997 through 2010)
  • ・East Asia Derby (2001)
  • ・2002FIFA World Cup (2002)
  • ・World Championships in Athletics Osaka Games (2007)
  • ・Suruga Bank championship 2008OSAKA (2008)
  • ・Manchester United tour 2013 vs. Cerezo Osaka (2013)
  • ・FIFA club World Cup 2015 (2015)
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Forest project group of Nagai Park sports
Cerezo Osaka Sports Club

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Holiday: Monday (the next day in the case of holiday), New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 4)
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