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Stadium art

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"MAALA is high passes" through tick Kalla station wagon

Symbol of Yanmar Stadium

It is work of Israeli sculptor, tick = Kalla Vaan in open space in front of Yanmar Stadium entrance. "It is high passes", and to titled monument is comprised of stone pillar (column) and pond, globe, wild cherry tree of sky two to rise highly.
Expensive pillar is the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple, and globe seems to image the Japanese flag and ball game.
Poetry sentence by poet, Mutsuo Takahashi who is his friend is engraved into stone pillar. Expectation to aim at "high" o as "the body" and "mind" to support sports talk about is loaded this with.
It is symbol of Yanmar stadium becoming stage of various sports and is guardian deity, and this monument is supporter.

"MAALA is high passes" through tick Kalla station wagon

Poetry that was written in two columns (pillar)

The right side:
To sincere body
The left side:
Than body to mind

Mutsuo Takahashi (Takahashi Mutsuo)

Poetry that was written in two columns (pillar)

Main character of this poetry is two big pillars of sports and is "body" (= body) and "heart" (= mind).
At first, "heart" says, "we kick the heavy ground my dear body together, and let's aim at the heavens of distance" for "body". Then "then, heart that I trust, "body" runs together on ground, and it meets with inscription eyojahanaika in this ground".
This poetry does two-facedness which sports have with "nature super above the ground" and "mukijijosei" and by letting you agree from mind with the body in two tankas from the body to mind again, and making up each other, express enhancement and a feeling of expectation of both to further "height".

Sculpture DANI KARAVAN (tick Kalla Vaan)
December 7, 1930 student. Israeli sculptor. We are known for style that, so to speak, used "making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden" that unified not only production thing of sculpture others oneself but also city and neighboring environment including nature. Israeli "negebu monument" and "big city spindle" in the suburbs of Paris are masterpieces, and there are works such as "maayan" of Miyagi Museum of Art "way to covered garden" of Sapporo Art Park in Japan.
Poetry sentence Mutsuo Takahashi (Takahashi Mutsuo)
December 15, 1937 student. Poet from Yawata-shi, Fukuoka (existing Kitakyushu-shi). We energize in the fields such as haiku and tanka, opera without being bound in young one-year term by poetry. Reading of poetry to read with style of screaming became topic at one time. It is known even that we made the Greek tragedy "princess media" by director, Yukio Ninagawa and script of "King Oedipus" in the field of classical literature.

Direction plate

Direction plate with stadium as motif

Direction plate

Direction plate indicating north, south, east and west in floor of hall which passed through entrance hall of Nagai stadium.
Stadium is designed by motif.
The staff at the time of establishment of Yanmar Stadium devised this design.

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