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When we will recommend what is used under the following environment and are not displayed depending on setting of browser of customer definitely under the use and the recommendation environment except recommendation environment either or our site may not be available.

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About JavaScript, Cookie

When we invalidate JavaScript, Cookie function, customer may not be displayed definitely by browser setting of the use. Please use in state that JavaScript, Cookie are effective.

Style sheet

We use style sheet in our site. When customer is browser of the use, and style sheet is invalidated, we are not displayed definitely. When you look at, please use in state that style sheet is effective in setting of browser.

About copyright

Osaka-shi, Nagai Park, forest project group of Nagai Park sports, associated group or the provider has right of intellectual property rights such as copyrights or right to use and others in all works, portraits, logos, characters, marks on our site, other information.

Terms of Use

Forest project group (they call themselves "our group" as follows.) of Nagai Park sports runs Nagai Park official site (called "our site" as follows.), and the contents provide with the proviso that you use according to condition (you call yourself "Terms of Use" as follows.) to establish next.

When site user accesses our site and uses this, we consider that we agreed to these Terms of Use.

To user, you recognize our site to be Nagai Park official site, and please agree to use only for legal purpose. In addition, our group may take striking off a name, legal action for user when they correspond to the following matters.

  • When or, act that act to violate for copyright regulations that our group establishes violates intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark of others again, there is act with the fear
  • When there is act to violate property, privacy of others or right of likeness or act with the fear
  • When we discriminate against others or slander and slander or there is act to damage honor of others or trust
  • When there is act to interfere with administration of our site
  • When we pretend to be another another person or organization and falsify relations with person, company, group or other substance intentionally
  • When we do offence intentionally
  • When there is objective act (including linking) to promote act (including case that others perform the act concerned) to correspond to one of each item mentioned above

We do not take responsibility about any damage to produce by site user using information of our site and our site.

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