Nagai Park

Security, relief, environmental approach CSR

Forest project group of Nagai Park sports that are designated management supplier of Nagai Park is intended that we act for town planning full of charm by planning the spread promotion of sports and green spread enlightenment.

We manage the public garden, botanical garden, flower and information center of green nature, administration of track and field sports stadium others 4 sporting house so that visitors provide security, relief, sports and oasis to be able to spend comfortably.

Approach of security, relief
Setting of AED (automated external defibrillator)
UD font
Barrier-free measures
About pet | About manner of dog walking
Cleaning in park
Approach to improvement in danger-response ability
About child care support
About safe check | Daily life patrol check
About safe check | Maintenance check of playground equipment
About pest, correspondence of harmful bird | The hornet extermination
About pest, correspondence of harmful bird | Preventive measures against invasions such as birds
Renewal to comfortable restroom
The infectious disease prevention
First-aid kit, setting of stretcher
About setting of guidance signature | Amusement place of child
About setting of guidance signature | Road surface signature
It is | about setting of guidance signature About name indication of each restroom
The pruning of tree
Disaster | Setting of disaster vendor vending machine
Heat stroke
Transplantation (inhabitant of a ward collaboration) of flower bed
About water tank
Crime prevention, accident prevention
Thunder measures
Environmental approach
CO2 reduction
Garbage weight loss
Cleaning out of the park
Power saving
Tree planting promotion
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