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Subspace guidance ATTACHED FACILITY

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Subspace guidance

  • Studio


  • Waiting room (the south)

    2.Waiting room (the south)

  • Player waiting room (the south)

    3.Player waiting room (the south)

  • The news waiting room

    4.The news waiting room

  • Meeting meeting room

    5.Meeting meeting room

  • Waiting room (the north)

    6.Waiting room (the north)

  • Player waiting room (the north)

    7.Player waiting room (the north)

  • Guest room

    8.Guest room

  • Guest room

    9.Guest room

  • Guest's seat waiting room 2

    10.Guest's seat waiting room 2

  • Guest's seat waiting room 1

    11.Guest's seat waiting room 1

  • Indoor laboratory (the south)

    12.Indoor laboratory (the south)

  • Meeting room

    13.Meeting room

  • Guest's seat

    14.Royal box

  • Entrance hall

    15.Entrance hall

  • Special seat

    16.Special seat

  • Press section

    17.Press section

  • Live broadcast room (1)

    18.Live broadcast room (1)

  • The meeting headquarters room

    19.The meeting headquarters room

  • Locker room

    20.Locker room

  • Royal box waiting room

    21.Royal box waiting room

Inquiry window
Forest project group of Nagai Park sports
Cerezo Osaka Sports Club

〒546-0034 1-1, Nagaikouen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi Yanmar Stadium Nagai
TEL: 06-6691-2500 FAX: 06-6691-2502
Business hours: 9:00-21:00
Holiday: Monday (the next day in the case of holiday), New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 4)
※Inquiry by E-mail has you decline. Please understand beforehand.
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