Nagai Park



News of temporary facilities in 2020.02.28 Nagai Park, being closed
With correspondence of Osaka-shi for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, facilities in following Nagai Park will be closed temporarily and between Saturday, February 29, 2020 and Sunday, March 15.
・Yanmar Stadium Nagai
・Yanmar field Nagai
・Laboratory, meeting room in Nagai gridiron
・Nagai training center
・Nagai tennis court
・Nagai sumo wrestling hall
・Nagai pool
・Nagai person with a disability sports center
・Natural history Museum
・Cherry blossoms dance studio

In addition, each school, lesson is canceled for the same period, too.

I apologize to user for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding understanding.

In addition, we will run Nagai botanical garden, Flower-Greenery-Nature Information Center, Nagai athletic ground, Nagai youth hostel as usual. → Nagai botanical garden, Flower-Greenery-Nature Information Center became the temporary closure until Monday, March 16, too (they announce from Osaka-shi on March 2)

※We may change the closure period, facilities without notice.

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