Nagai Park


History - prewar days ... of Nagai Park

The origin of the name of "Nagai"

Originally, as for the name of town (village) called "Nagai", it is like beginning to have been named "Nagai-mura" at time when three villages of moat village which there was, the former moat village, Teraoka village were integrated with one in 1894 (Meiji 27).
It is said that we took the origin in those days from Nagai pond which is another name of pond, large Oike for storing water that there was in the same place. But the name called "Nagai" appears in old song which we composed on the neighborhood of current Nagai now at the time before 7-800 years (the Kamakura era) "Nagai" "choi", and it is revealed that it has been already called Nagai from that time.

Change of the name of "Nagai"

Former "Nagai" seems to have had some villages with name of the inlet whole area near Osaka Bay near by. In the Edo era, "moat village" of the east Nagai is informed "front moat village" of the south Nagai as there were three villages of "Teraoka village" of the west Nagai. By the way, it is like origin that "moat village" used moat around castle which there was for the age of civil strife.
Afterwards, moat village by municipality organization introduction of 1889 (Meiji 22) in "ira (see good point) village capital letter moat." And we left iramura with front moat village, Teraoka village and unification in Meiji 1894 (Meiji 27) and came to be called "Nagai-mura" for the first time here.
Afterwards, it is officially admitted into Osaka-shi in 1925 (Taisho 14) and becomes "east Nagai-cho" and reaches today's "Nagai".

Birth of Nagai Park

On May 29, 1928 (Showa 3), maintenance plan as groundbreaking multi-purpose park was decided by Osaka-shi for those days with baseball field and land sports stadium. It was still plan stage, but this is moment of birth of Nagai Park. By the way, name of this time "*nanjikoen." This was renamed in 1934 (Showa 9) by current "Nagai Park". 66.12ha equal to 2/3 of the former east Nagai (old moat village) officially became the land of Osaka-shi in 1940 (Showa 15), and the cause of current Nagai Park was completed here.

Main event


April, 1889
Old moat village becomes "iramuradaijihori" by municipality organization.


October 25, 1894
In "Nagai-mura" that becomes independent from iramura, and is officially current forerunner.


It is admitted into Osaka-shi and renames old moat district to "east Nagai-cho".


May 29, 1928
We decide building plan at 66.12ha equal to old moat village as "*nanjikoen".


July, 1929
Hanwa Line (Tennoji - Fuchu) is opened, and *nanjieki (current Nagai Station) is completed.


December 7, 1934
It is renamed to "Nagai Park" by "*nanjikoen".


Osaka-shi buys farmland equal to 2/3 of east Nagai-cho as Nagai Park site.


April 1, 1944
Opening of the park

History - postwar ... of Nagai Park

Until current Nagai Park is done

July, 1958

Nagai Park will accomplish remarkable development from postwar period.
In 1948 (23, Showa] years, Osaka racetrack is completed in park, and municipal horse racing starts. There was municipal management bicycle race track two years later, and Osaka center bicycle race was held. Unfortunately racetrack closes curtain from start in the eleventh year, and bicycle race track cannot also see the figure now, but it is indicated to have been approach that reflected the postwar times.

January, 1975

Afterwards, in 1964 (Showa 39) when the Tokyo Olympics were held, Nagai track and field sports stadium is completed near the ruins of bicycle race track. After this, other than sporting houses of Nagai pool and tennis court, training center, Nagai sumo wrestling hall, culture facilities such as municipal natural history Museum or Nagai botanical garden will open one after another. Current Nagai Park was completed with Nagai gridiron of 1987 (Showa 62), completion of the Nagai second land sports stadium of 1993 (Heisei 5).


Osaka women marathon is carried out every year in January after 1982 (Showa 57), and in 1997 (Heisei 9) Nami already to the stage of the national polity.
It will be new in memory of to have played an active part in the Japan-Korea cosponsorship as the stage of big international meeting including held FIFA World Cup and world track and field championship series of 2007 (Heisei 19) in 2002 (Heisei 14).
In addition, Yanmar Stadium Nagai (Nagai track and field sports stadium) is got close to now as home stadium of professional football team Cerezo Osaka.

Main event


July 15, 1948
Osaka racetrack is completed in Nagai Park.


October, 1948
The municipal first horse racing is held (we follow until the abolition of December, 1959 after this).


March, 1950
Bicycle race track is completed in park. The first Osaka center bicycle race is held.


January 4, 1965
We start the making of Kyodo no Mori.


July 19, 1966
Adult pool 1, dwarf pool 1, Nagai pool establishment of pool 2 for child.


July, 1967
We establish nine tennis courts of all-weather stadium finish.


January, 1968
Training center establishment.


October, 1968
Kyodo no Mori is completed.


October, 1972
Nagai sumo wrestling hall completion.


March, 1973
The municipal natural history Museum completion.


April 27, 1974
Nagai botanical garden opening of the park.


May 3, 1974
The person with a physical disability sports center opening.


July 8, 1974
Nagai room pool completion.

1982 ...

1982 ...
Osaka international women marathon holding.


April 25, 1987
Nagai gridiron establishment.


June, 1993
The Nagai second land sports stadium establishment.


October, 1997
The 52nd National Athletic Meet (Nami already the national polity) autumn meeting is held in Nagai track and field sports stadium.


June, 2002
FIFA World Cup three games are held in Nagai track and field sports stadium.


August, 2007
The eleventh world track and field championship series are held in Nagai track and field sports stadium.


August, 2010
Naming rights introduction, nickname of Nagai gridiron become "Kincho stadium".


October 11, 2011
2014 FIFA World Cup Asian third qualifier Japan X Tajikistan is held in Nagai track and field sports stadium.


March, 2014
As for naming rights introduction, the nickname of Nagai track and field sports stadium, as for the nickname of the Nagai second land sports stadium, it is "Yanmar field Nagai" "Yanmar Stadium Nagai"

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