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It is interesting when we know. But ... which is appreciated even if we do not know.
We collected pleasant knowledge about Nagai Park which should be called such a knowledge on a wide variety of subjects as curiosity took a turn.
"Huh, after having admired with ...", please check the real thing in Nagai Park.

We choose to Osaka "100 selections of green"!

We choose to 1 Osaka "100 selections of green"!
As for "100 selections of Osaka green", Osaka elected 100 nature famous places of territorial jurisdiction of the Edo magistrate by citizen of prefecture vote in commemoration of international flower and green exhibition held in 1990. It is proof of 1 famous place.
Even if look square; is ... with triangulation point

Even if is square, and it seems 2; is ... with triangulation point
When we use for triangular surveying, "triangulation point" is point becoming standard of position (latitude and longitude, altitude) on the earth. It becomes standard of surveying such as the making of map or Earthquake research.
Dripping wet friendship?

3 dripping wet friendship?
Image of girls who are in high spirits at the center of fountain. With "statue of Russian Federation of friendship" donated from St. Petersburg City which is sister city of Osaka-shi, it is symbol of friendship between both cities. Even if two people are wet through, water does not shine in friendship.
Kids who love hard ... i, radio exercises of body!

Kids who love hard ... i, radio exercises of 4 bodies!
Rain nimomakezu, Wind nimomakezu, one child ... which works hard for radio exercises day after day. In fact, it was erected in commemoration of this, the radio exercises establishment 50th anniversary. Radio exercises are done a lot of every morning.
Monument is the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple?

5 monuments are the main gates of a Buddhist temple of temple?
Expensive pillar and monument of globe as we look up are works of Israeli sculptor tick Kalla Vaan. Expensive pillar is the main gate of a Buddhist temple of temple, and globe seems to image the Japanese flag and ball game.
We discover bill of medalist!

We discover bill of 6 medalists!
In commemoration of World Track and Field Championships Osaka Games bronze medal acquisition of former marathon runner Reiko Tosa, monument reflecting the image of flame-holder is installed. As for some people who there is bill of Reiko Tosa, and repeat ways by way of sightseeing. By the way, that "it was not foot which was why and expressed with bill ..." today in those days (wry smile).
That impression again! Monument of World Championships in Athletics

Those 7 impressions again! Monument of World Championships in Athletics
Tree planting monument of World Track and Field Championships Osaka Games. Player name and record are written down, and request is put in idea called global environment maintenance rooting in Osaka by tree planting by gold medalists.
Designer of Nagai pool is that famous architect!

Designer of 8 Nagai pools is that famous architect!
Big roof of wave type which featured the theme of water in concrete and building utilized feel of a material of continuous service is impressive. It is work by great master, Noriaki Kurokawa of building world.
It is full marathon of 42.195km with 9.15 laps!

It is full marathon of 42.195km with 99.15 laps!
Running course where is popular in Osaka-shi is Nagai Park. We would run distance about the same as full marathon (42.195km) in 15 laps. Distance that we ran as there is stone of distance indication is plain.
Oh, Nagai Park is former racetrack?
Oh, Nagai Park is former racetrack?

In 1948, racetrack opens in place with Nagai Park now. Bicycle race track was established two years later, too. Start was brisk, but we are robbed of number of customers by bicycle race, and horse racing is abolished. Afterwards, bicycle race track disappeared with full-scale maintenance as park from 1959, too.

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