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Green facilities

1Nagai botanical garden

Area in garden is 24.2ha and is urban oasis among green.
We know change of plant which inhabited Osaka from the old days to the present age as botanical garden united with natural history Museum and, about nature of Osaka, can learn from various points of view.
In addition, about 1,200 kinds of plants are in garden, and it is with place of recreation to be able to enjoy flowers which we accepted in season including specialty garden of 11 garden including camellia garden, American dogwood garden, button garden, rosary, iris garden, hydrangea garden, herb garden and large flower bed of 580m2.

2Flower-Greenery-Nature Information Center

The center adjacent to "natural history Museum" about nature and urban greening, gardening of Osaka disseminated information and was established as place of exchange. We are divided into "flower and green Aria" whom nature of Osaka specialized in "area of nature" of theme and flower and plant. We can search flower and plant with picture and book, computer at each corner, and atrium among houseplants is got close to as citizen's oasis.

3Kyodo no Mori

This forest was planted by the young people who came over by group employment from the whole country, and there was. About 8,600 saplings grow wonderfully and please fragrance of various native district.

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4Forest of memory

It is forest brought up by contribution put as memory of turning point of the life including employment and marriage by citizen's all of you. We are popular as a few forests where there is barbecue for a limited time.

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5Open space of child

Four open spaces where children can play vigorously are in park. Children living in city with a few parks stretch out feather and run around.

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Sporting house

6 Yanmar Stadium Nagai (Nagai track and field sports stadium)

In the best species authorized land sports stadium in Japan Association of Athletic Federations, it is team's home field of football teams Cerezo Osaka.
We can look around roof of curve to cover over head of the stands of 50,000 seating capacity at 5-story-above-the-ground stadium without field and truck being shut out with structure not to need pillar supporting that by all seats.
Qualifier several games were held by FIFA World Cup in 2002 and become venue of Osaka international women marathon in usual, and it is famous for much international games even to be used. In addition, concerts are used in every use.

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7 Yanmar field Nagai (the Nagai second land sports stadium)

It is the best species authorized land sports stadium in Japan Association of Athletic Federations.
It comprises truck of 400m X 9 course, and, in the field, natural turf, stands can accommodate 15,000 people and are full-scale track and field sports stadium which electroluminescence display board or photo finish device comprised. Only for the available date and time, even personal person is available for track and field.

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8 Nagai gridirons

It is home stadium of professional football team "Cerezo Osaka".
Games such as soccer and American football, rugby football are held, and Nagai gridiron proud of 20,500 number of the audience accommodation is full of many audiences. Field of nature turf which is beautiful at stadium full of contestant and a sense of reality that a sense of unity occurs in to the audience is impressive.
In addition, in laboratory in indoor, cheer dance, yoga, various schools including badminton are performed, too.

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9 Nagai sumo wrestling halls

Seat is established around in sumo wrestling hall with outdoor roof having authentic sumo ring. It is used, and white-hot approach of amateur sumo wrestlers is developed mainly by meeting of amateur sumo.

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10 nagai tennis court

Court of eight sand-containing artificial turf supports both rubber-ball tennis, tennis. Night game facilities are set, too and perform rental of shoes and racket.

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11 Nagai pools

Outdoor pool and indoor pool which is all year available of three big things and small things fully equipped with ripples beach and slider are available. It is known even that architect, Noriaki Kurokawa designed.

12 Nagai athletic grounds

It is athletic ground that can support athletic meets other than rubber-ball baseball and softball, soccer widely. Night game facilities, scoreboard, dugout, bench are set, too.

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13 long distance course

15 laps are paved malls that become 42.195km same as full marathon when we do. The use by use that is wide from general jogging to training, marathon event of senior is possible.

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14 Yanmar Stadium Nagai training center

It is indoor Jim in "Yanmar Stadium Nagai". Climber and exercise bike, barbell, dumbbell are matching, and abundant program and school are available.

15 cherry blossoms dance studios

Studio more than air conditioning, 100 square meters equipped with sound. It is large studio which can always practice dance by area of 8m *13m comfortably.

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Eating and drinking facilities

16 restaurants, stand

"Flower-Greenery-Nature Information Center" has restaurant in Nagai Park and installs stand and convenience store in three places. Please use casually.

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Other facilities

17 Osaka City natural history Museum

With adjacent "Flower-Greenery-Nature Information Center", it is museum established in Nagai botanical garden. With botanical garden, we were founded for the purpose of having you mention history and structure, history and the change of nature. Other than four permanent construction display that featured the theme of nature including "living of creature" "evolution of life" "imminent nature" "history of the earth and life", events such as various observation society, lecture, workshop are held and are got close to citizen's.

18 Osaka shiritsu Nagai Youth Hostel

It is sports stadium one-shaped youth hostel which is rare in "Yanmar Stadium Nagai" in a certain whole country. Of course, in the use not having age limit, what can stay at price same as member even if it is not youth hosteler here is attractive. It is locally very convenient as sightseeing base under Osaka, and the use in group is possible, too.

19 Riccho, Osaka-shi residence person with a disability sports centers

It is facilities which are groundbreaking on history of our country opened for the first time as sporting house for person with a disability in Japan in 1974 (Showa 49). Warm water pool and training room, physical education room, table tennis room, bowling room, game room are available, and having can enjoy sports regardless of degree of age and obstacle by obstacle in peace. As it is stationed, and instructor supports, even one is reliable.

Summary of park

The opening of the park date April 1, 1944
Park classification Sports Park
Park area 65.7ha
The location Nagaikouen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku
Main facilities Yanmar Stadium Nagai (Nagai track and field sports stadium) Yanmar field Nagai (the Nagai second land sports stadium), Kincho stadium (Nagai gridiron), Nagai pool, nagai tennis court, person with a disability sports center, Nagai training place, Nagai youth hostel, Kyodo no Mori, Nagai botanical garden
Main flower green Camellia, plum, Hannah peach, cherry blossoms
Opening time Regular opening of the park (we have the use time separately in each facility)
Entering a kindergarten charges Free (charge is in each facility separately)
Closure day Unavailable (each facility has closed day separately)
Parking lot Available 
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