Nagai Park

Disaster prevention information DISASTER INFORMATION

Nagai Park disaster prevention Map

Nagai Park disaster prevention Map (as of April 1, 2015) (pdf, 808KB)

Wide area evacuation site (place that is suitable for large-scale evacuation when it was big fire by Earthquake)

Wide area refuge name The location All areas
Seating capacity
Nagai Park Nagaikouen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku 74.9 550000

The accommodation evacuation site (schools which can shelter in building)

Name The temporary evacuatable staff (people) The accommodation evacuation possibility staff (people) Phone number The location
Yanmar Stadium Nagai 20200 1250 06-6691-2500 Nagai Park 1-1
Yanmar field Nagai 24000 350 06-6691-2500 Nagai Park 1-1
Kincho stadium 13650 1150 06-6691-2500 Nagai Park 1-1
Tanabe Junior High School 1500 1260 06-6692-0117 4-7-24, Minamitanabe
Minamitanabe Elementary School 1500 1480 06-6699-0221 4-3-4, Minamitanabe
Takaai Elementary School 1500 1200 06-6692-0455 3-12-38, Takaai
Nagai elementary school 1500 1000 06-6698-8787 3-3-40, Nagaihigashi
Nagai kindergarten 300 100 06-6691-0190 3-8-32, Nagaihigashi

Temporary evacuation site (temporary park where we can evacuate to to be similar)

Name The temporary evacuatable staff (people) The location
West Nagai Park 3000 1-14, Nagainishi
Tsurugaoka child play garden 990 1-10, Nagai

Nagai Park disaster prevention facilities

Park takes various roles at the time of earthquake disaster.
We are utilized as "evacuation site" and "base" and become valuable place protecting people from earthquake disaster.
In Nagai Park, it includes Manhole restroom and various disaster prevention functions.
In addition, to Kincho stadium, Yanmar field Nagai, free open space, we assume taking off and landing of helicopter.

Manhole restroom

We install Manhole restroom in freedom open space. It is available as Manhole restroom if we install temporary wall in these facilities.
When disaster happens, you become able to cope immediately.

Disaster relief vendor machine

We install disaster vendor vending machine in several places in Nagai Park. When it is lost power from disasters, we change to emergency power source by human operation with exclusive key and can offer drink in the storage of vending machine.

Disaster prevention radio

In Nagai Park, outdoor speaker to report by sound directly is installed in citizen's all of you by disaster information and evacuation advisory, evacuation order by city hall.

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